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Colleagues in Hallway

About Us

We at Cognitric have a simple philosophy that "Happy Humans Perform Better". We also believe that happy & purpose driven leaders lead to more engaged workforce and more productive organisations. Our purpose is to help employees and leaders in organisations become happier, purposeful and engaged. We help organisations achieve this through a plethora of initiatives be it our flagship Leadership Programs ranging from awareness keynotes to 6 month Leadership Learning Journeys as well as our Mindset-Reset Programs,  Innovation (Using Design Thinking) Workshops, Team Bonding Off-Sites & our Bespoke Behavioural & Skills Programs.  We have worked with Fortune 500 companies across the Globe with clients like Tata Group, Shell, Coca-Cola, Bayer Pharma, Reliance, Birlasunlife, Oracle, Edelweiss, Novartis, Cognizant, DHL to name a few.


Working Together

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